Kloster Michelsberg, catherdral and garden in Bamburg
Kloster Michelsberg, catherdral and garden in Bamburg

Bamberg’s incredible history dates back to Roman times. Once the jewel in the Roman Empire’s crown, the town became its own diocese after the Holy Roman Emperor Henry II made it a family inheritance in 1007, and was a major influence on the introduction of Christianity to Bavaria. By the 13th century Prince Bishops ruled here, overseeing the town’s development and the construction of many magnificent monuments and buildings.

Fast forward several centuries and today the beautifully Bavarian town of Bamberg – spread across seven hills where the Main and Regnitz rivers meet – is one of Germany’s most picturesque and beguiling destinations. The town’s entire historic heart is UNESCO-listed in recognition of its fascinating heritage and wonderfully well-preserved medieval streets and structures. Exploring the town centre is like stepping back in time or into a fairytale, with stunning sights to discover with every turn. [ReadMore]

Among Bamburg’s many must-visit sites are the magnificent Romanesque cathedral and the centuries-old churches perched atop the town’s tall hills, including the spectacular Michaelsberg Abbey, the gothic-style Church of Our Lady and St Martin’s Church – Bamburg’s only baroque church. Also not-to-be-missed is the unique Altes Rathaus, perched on a bridge across the Regnitz River; and Neue Residenz, home of the town’s Prince Bishops from the mid-17th century to 1802. Be sure to stop by one of the friendly pubs to sample locally-brewed traditional smoked beer too.