Will Shore Tours be available on my river cruise?

We offer a selection of varied Shore Tours – available at additional cost – at almost every stop on our inspirational river cruises, to further enhance your experience and ensure the time you spend ashore is as rewarding as the moments you enjoy taking in awe-inspiring river scenery aboard Brabant.

We’re dedicated to helping your discover the very best of your destinations. Our team of experts handpicks our Shore Tours; and many of the tours are accompanied by experienced guides who use their extensive knowledge to present you with some of Europe’s finest highlights and delights, from centuries-old historical monuments and magnificent architectural marvels to fashionable shopping boutiques and charming wine taverns.

All Shore Tours are subject to charge, service operation and availability. Full details of the tours for your specific sailing will be confirmed and available to view within the ‘My Cruises’ section of our website approximately fourteen to sixteen weeks prior to cruise departure. You will be notified by email once they are available to book online in the My Cruises section of the website. All guests will also receive a printed book.

If you have any issues viewing Shore Tours within ‘My Cruises’, or have any questions regarding tours and how to book, please contact our Shore Tours Department on 01473 746 163, and we will be happy to assist you.

Bookings can be made either online, through My Cruises, by completing the booking form in the back of your printed book, or by email to our Shore Tours Department. Alternatively, If you prefer, you can wait and book your tours once you have boarded Brabant for your holiday. 

Our Shore Tours Department is open from Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00.

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