Is it possible to take a wheelchair on board?

Embarkation and disembarkation of Brabant may be challenging for guests with limited mobility, therefore we suggest that river cruises may not be suitable for guests who rely on the use of a wheelchair.

It is industry standard practise that, when boats are moored next to one another, boarding and leaving your river vessel may involve crossing over or through other vessels. As a guide, we suggest that if you are comfortable with multiple sets of stairs, you will be able to board Brabant.

For peace of mind, we advise guests with impaired mobility who wish to travel on Brabant to be aware of the following information:

Wheelchairs, scooters and rollators are not permitted to be used on board the vessel and must be stored in the guest's room on board whilst not in use.

Guests who require the assistance of a walking stick or any other device should be aware that:

  • The lift on board is only between Haydn Deck and Mozart Deck. The sundeck is only accessible via stairs.
  • When the vessel is tied up alongside other vessels (known as rafted moorings), guests must make their way across other vessels to reach the gangway. This may involve going up and down stairs.
  • There is no assistance provided for guests to take advantage of when crossing other vessels.
  • Owing to the infrastructure of some European river ports, there may be many cobblestones which can provide difficulties for guests with impaired mobility.
  • When taking shore tours, guests have to step up and down when boarding and leaving tour coaches without any assistance. No assistance can be guaranteed due limited staff numbers.
  • We reserve the right to refuse boarding at the port on the day of departure if, in our opinion (through observation) you or any of your party’s impaired or limited mobility prevents you from safely boarding the vessel, negotiating steps or moving around the vessel in a safe and secure manner at all times.
  • If anybody in the party is unsure if they meet this mobility requirement then please declare this before making the booking and a Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines representative will call you to discuss your requirements further before proceeding.
  • Failure to comply with this policy could lead to denied boarding, the loss of your River Cruise holiday and a total loss of all monies paid.

If you have any questions and would like to speak to a member of the Fred. Olsen Team, please call Guest Services on 01473 292 444.

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