The city of Strasbourg

City of Strausbourg, France

The capital of France’s Alsace region, Strasbourg is a city with an eclectic mix of influences and styles. Here half-timbered medieval houses coexist with an abundance of modern, elegant town houses and the diverse architecture of the European Quarter.

As one of the most important and attraction-packed cities in Europe, Strasbourg offers a multitude of impressive sights and 'must-do' experiences. And, with smaller sized Brabant able to dock closer to the city centre, you can take advantage of the opportunity to discover the very best of Strasbourg on selected Fred. Olsen river cruises.

Here's just a few of a plethora of highlights you can discover: 

The Petite France Quarter

With its narrow streets and peaceful canal network, the Petite France quarter – which forms part of the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site of Grande Île – is arguably Old Strasbourg's most picturesque district. 

This quaint section of the city is considered a 'must-visit' by man and it is easy to see why. The wonderful half-timbered houses – many of which date back as far as the 16th and 17th centuries – beautifully retain the historic splendour, and sit amongst an enchanting collection of medieval buildings including churches, the magnificent cathedral and the Palais Rohan. 

Petite France also offers restaurants abound, where visitors can sample traditional Alsatian cuisine while looking out to a backdrop of canals and beautiful buildings.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

Described by Victor Hugo as a ‘gigantic and delicate marvel’, the Cathédrale Notre-Dame is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe. Quite simply a masterpiece of gothic art, it leaves visitors awe-inspired from the first glimpse.

As you approach the 15th century masterpiece you’ll be amazed by the delicacy and detail of cathedral’s intricate façade. A beautiful mix of lace-like patterns and hundreds of sculptures and gargoyles lead your gaze towards the iconic 142 metre-high spire; while the the Renaissance astronomical clock is a masterpiece in its own right

The interior is equally as exquisite, with light flooding into the cathedral's long nave through beautiful stain-glass windows dating from the 12th to 14thcenturies. The stunning rose window and huge organ also add to the beauty within the Cathedral.

The spectacular Cathédrale Notre-Dame is not to be missed during your time in Strasbourg.

Kammerzell House

With a look akin to something you’d find in a fairy tale, Maison Kammerzell is a sight to behold. Situated on the Place de la Cathédral, the mesmerising façade draws influence from Greek and Roman antiquity with the Middle Ages, and today stands as an authentic symbol of the city’s artistic past.