Slovakia Cruises

Bratislava, Slovakia, panoramic view with castle and old town
Bratislava, Slovakia, panoramic view with castle and old town

After spending years as part of Czechoslovakia, until the ‘Velvet Divorce’ brought about the sovereign state’s peaceful dissolution in 1993, Slovakia has emerged as one of Central Europe’s most enchanting countries. Tucked away in the very heart of the continent, Slovakia may be smaller than the bordering nations of Czech Republic, Austria, Ukraine and Poland, but it always makes a big impression.

A land of breathtaking natural landscapes and magnificent mountain ranges, interspersed with charming medieval towns, picturesque cities and impressive castles, Slovakia presents you with seemingly endless photo opportunities and creates memories that will last forever. [ReadMore]

The Danubian lowland epitomises Slovakia’s appeal. This stunning region boasts postcard-perfect scenery and a wonderfully warm climate, and is home to the country’s captivating capital city, Bratislava. You have opportunities to experience the delights of the Slovakian Danube and beautiful Bratislava on a number of Fred. Olsen’s Danube River itineraries.

Join Brabant for a chance to enjoy unforgettable views as you journey through Slovakia’s spectacular south; and spend time ashore exploring the capital – situated in the foothills of Carpathian Mountains – which combines contemporary attractions and a plethora of historic sites with glorious scenic beauty. Bratislava’s medieval ruins, gothic-style St Martin’s Cathedral, iconic Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising and 9th century Castle – which towers over the city – all await your discovery with Fred. Olsen.