Serbia Cruises

Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade, Serbia
Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade, Serbia

Although Serbia is among the smallest of the ten nations the Danube passes through on its epic journey through Europe, this breathtakingly beautiful country more than holds its own against its larger neighbours of Romania and Hungary. From the scenic splendour and soothing serenity of its stunning countryside to the fascinating history, friendly atmosphere and striking architecture of its charming cities, stunning Serbia has much to recommend it. [ReadMore]

Sail through Serbia on a Fred. Olsen river cruise and you can marvel at the fjord-like landscapes of the magnificent Iron Gates gorge, one of most impressive, awe-inspiring natural wonders of the River Danube. Smaller-sized Brabant can easily negotiate the locks and dams of the 60-mile-long gorge – the biggest in Europe – to present you with a picturebook of unforgettable scenery. Sit back, relax on deck and enjoy views of the towering Carpathian and Balkan Mountains, dramatic cliffs and the iconic Rock Sculpture of Decebalus. Several historic castles and fortifications come into view here too.

Not far from the Iron Gates is Serbia’s gritty, yet enchanting capital, Belgrade. There is an eclectic, jumbled mix of historical, architectural and cultural attractions and landmarks here. Take the chance to explore the city – which is easily taken in on foot – and you can visit the imposing Kalemegdan Fortress, which ‘watches over’ the city at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers; and discover the delights of the historic quarter, such as the Old Royal Palace and St Sava Temple – Serbia’s largest orthodox church.

To offer an insight into modern Serbian life, Brabant also makes stops at multi-cultural Novi Sad. Serbia’s energetic second city has something for everyone: trendy bars and cafés, interesting galleries and museums, fine architecture and much more. It is no wonder then that it is to become the first ever non-EU European Capital of Culture in 2021.