Hungary Cruises

Budapest Parliament, Hungary
Budapest Parliament, Hungary

With the magical River Danube slicing through its spectacularly scenic heart, carving a picturesque path lined with magnificent cities, charming little villages and dense forests and lush grasslands, it will come as no surprise to learn that Hungary is among very best and most popular river cruise destinations.

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The undoubted highlight is the ‘Pearl of the Danube’, Budapest. Widely considered one of the world’s most beautiful and engrossing cities, the Hungarian capital captures your imagination from the moment you arrive here: the city’s famous bridges and impressive architecture lining the riverbanks of both the Buda and Pest districts hint at the type of treasures awaiting you. Whether you choose to explore Buda, home of the ornate Royal Palace and the Ottoman-era thermal baths; Pest, which is dominated by the awe-inspiring Parliament Building; or both, you’re sure to be left longing for more.

Just north of Budapest is the Danube Bend, Hungary’s most visited tourist attraction. For simply unforgettable scenery, there aren’t many other places on the continent that can match this stunning region, and a river cruise is the best way to marvel at its scenic splendour. Further along the Danube there’s the charming town of Kalocsa, which was founded by the First King of Hungary over 1000 years ago and is the renowned ‘paprika capital of the world’; while the Tisa Plain – a picturesque section of the Danube stretched between Kalocsa and the Serbian city of Novi Sad – is a sight to behold too.