Holland in Bloom

Departed 4th April 2019 10 nights Sails from Amsterdam to Amsterdam Brabant R190102
Tulips in bloom Keukenhof Gardens Netherlands Tulips in bloom Keukenhof Gardens Netherlands

Embark on a delightful spring escape aboard Brabant and explore the Netherlands in detail, starting with the iconic city of Amsterdam. Learn more about the moving story of Anne Frank in the museum dedicated to her diary, or explore the Rijksmuseum – the national museum housing Dutch arts and history. Be sure to pay a visit to the stunning 32-hectare Keukenhof Gardens - a must at this time of year to see the vibrant tulips in their breath-taking spring bloom. 

Enjoy stunning views of Dutch countryside as you meander along the picturesque Ijssel River, en route to Deventer, one of the Netherlands’ oldest and most important cities, now a member of the Hanseatic League. After a stop in Düsseldorf, a vibrant and modern city located on the banks of the Rhine River, Brabant sails on to Arnhem – best known for its pivotal role in World War Two, as the site of one of the war’s most prominent battles. Nowadays, the War Museum and Airborne Museum, offer a fascinating insight into life in the War. There are also impressive attractions located around the city, such as the 12th century Doorwerth Castle, or Paleis Het Loo – the Dutch Royal Family’s summer residence.  [ReadMore]

While relaxing on your river ship, marvel at traditional riverside towns, before arrival in Willemstad, a historic fortified settlement, which today retains most of its historic charm, and has remained mostly untouched since the ramparts were built in the late 16th century. The intriguing seven-pointed star shaped district here was declared a conservation area in the 1970’s to protect the centuries-old buildings, monuments and fortifications, and is a must-see on this river cruise.

After an overnight stop in Rotterdam, Brabant glides back to Amsterdam, offering another opportunity to explore this fine city.