Exploring the delights of the Moselle Valley

Departed 27th September 2018 14 nights Sails from Düsseldorf to Düsseldorf Brabant R182627
Oberwesel, Germany Oberwesel, Germany

Join Brabant and combine some of the most enchanting German towns and cities with a stop in Switzerland and France for added charm. Enjoy time ashore exploring historical and cultural delights, and admire stunning countryside from the comfort of your riverboat’s deck. 

Cologne’s UNESCO-listed Cathedral is the city’s most popular tourist attraction, and it is easy to see why with the spires of this incredible Gothic masterpiece towering over other, equally impressive structures, such as the Hohenzollern Bridge, which spans the Rhine close by. While sailing along the Middle Moselle Valley, look out for picturesque vineyards adorning hillsides, and quaint towns dotted along the riverbanks; before the fairytale-like Cochem entices you in with its plethora of romantic squares, narrow streets and magnificent Reichsburg Castle. [ReadMore]

After a visit to cultural Strasbourg, where Grand Île must be explored to the full – visit the ancient churches of St Thomas, St Pierre-le-Vieux, St Pierre-le-Jeune, and St Étienne or wander around ‘Petite France’; Brabant sails along the tranquil River Rhine to Basel in Switzerland. The attractive city of Speyer makes for a worthwhile stop while cruising the River Rhine, before Mannheim awaits you. Although it’s now one of Germany’s leading industrial and engineering cities, after being virtually decimated during World War Two, there are a few historic sites to discover too, such as Schloss, Germany’s largest Baroque palace.

A brief pause in medieval Oberwesel is followed by Koblenz, situated where the Rhine and Moselle rivers meet at ‘Deutsches Eck’ and considered one of Germany’s most picturesque cities. Head ashore here to marvel at centuries-old castles and striking palaces, and visit the impressive Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, reached by cable car, for stunning views of this wonderful city. Brabant will then head along the Moselle to Bernkastel-Kues, where the local wineries and taverns will entice you in to sample the local Mosel and Riesling wines. From here, enjoy a delightful daytime cruising experience along the Middle Moselle Valley, before it’s back to Cochem. 

The Lower Moselle Valley offers even more castles, towns and forested hills to marvel at, before Cologne, where the beautiful Forstbotanischer Botanical Garden is not-to-be-missed, awaits once again. Before heading home, there is ​also time to investigate the many artistic sites around the fascinating city of Düsseldorf.