Eastern European Discovery to the Danube Delta

13th May 2021 14 nights Sails from Budapest to Budapest Brabant R2105
Brabant cruising the Delta Danube Brabant cruising the Delta Danube

On an extraordinary voyage to the Danube Delta and back, one that’s not completed by many other river ships, you’re in for an unforgettable discovery of diverse destinations, areas of outstanding scenic beauty and authentic experiences across five different countries.

You’ll board Brabant in Budapest and begin your journey with a short sail to Croatia, where Vukovar will exhibit Croatian history, highlights and traditions. Continuing on to Serbia, you’ve chances to delight in the dance, costume and music of a traditional folklore show in Belgrade, and experience a momentous navigation of the awe-inspiring Iron Gates gorge, passing the Great Kazan and famous Decebalus rock sculpture, before the gems of Ruse – Bulgaria’s ‘Little Vienna – await you. You’re sure to be charmed by Ruse’s extravagant architecture, rock monastery and historic wineries.

Five days of Romanian adventure will then offer a rich diversity of rewarding experiences. There’s a visit to Galati, perhaps to take in the city’s historic churches, palaces and botanical gardens, or tour to Moldova for a taste of local tradition, wine and cuisine in Valeni; a serene sail through the Lower Danube’s scenes of vast floodplains, forests and islands; and calls to the culture-rich, historical ports of Cetate and Turnu Severin. The pièce de résistance is a visit to St Gheorghe, from where you take a boat safari tour of the blissful Danube Delta, an unspoilt natural wonderland. Back along the Danube, you return to Serbia for stops at Donji Milanovac – gateway to the Mesolithic archaeological site of Lepenski Vir – and at Novi Sad, for local wines, food at the unmissable Petrovaradin Fortress. Finally, when you return to Hungary, you can learn of the history of paprika and enjoy delicacies made with ‘red gold’ in Kalocsa; then enjoy time to revel in Budapest’s abundant attractions, such as the Buda Castle complex, the impressive parliament buildings and the Millennium Underground Railway.

Built in 2006, this elegant and comfortable vessel is in keeping with the fleet of our ocean-going cruise ships. Brabant’s bright and spacious public areas and 79 well-equipped rooms and suites, spread across four decks, provide the intimate, home-from-home feel which Fred. Olsen’s guests already know and love.

Cruise ship staples such as swimming pools, a number of lounges and on-going activities are not in evidence on board, making way for a comfortable ambience and ample space in which to relax and enjoy the river cruise experience with around 150 fellow guests.