Eastern European Danube Discovery

Departed 16th October 2019 9 nights Sails from Budapest to Braila Brabant R1928
Heroes Square, Budapest Heroes Square, Budapest

Discover spectacular areas of scenic beauty and a collection of incredible destinations as Brabant guides you through four fascinating countries via the breathtaking Danube River. You’ll take in stunning Eastern European cities; marvel at the iconic Iron Gates gorge and glorious landscapes of the Lower Danube; and have a chance to uncover the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, all on a simply unforgettable nine-night river cruise.

Packed with historic highlights and attractions, Budapest is the perfect place to begin your adventure. Before setting sail from Hungary’s UNESCO-listed capital you could visit the Buda Castle complex and the Millennium Underground Railway, and wander along Andrássy Avenue to Heroes’ Square. The striking Széchenyi Chain Bridge, the oldest of twelve bridges, is well worth a look too. Up next is the pretty town of Kalocsa, from where you can take a tour to learn about the history of Paprika – the region’s ‘red gold’. Alternatively, catch a traditional Hungarian horse show within Puszta plains before continuing along the Danube to another fine capital, Belgrade. Here you’ll find magnificent monuments and museums exhibiting Serbia’s remarkable history. Don’t miss Knez Mihailova Boulevard and the Kalemegdan Fortress, where views of beautiful natural scenery can be savoured. [ReadMore] 

After a day in Belgrade you’ll embark on a momentous journey aboard Brabant, passing through the awe-inspiring Iron Gates gorges. Admire stunning national parks lining the river, which narrows to just 150 metres-wide at the Great Kazan gorge, and be on the lookout for the famous Rock Sculpture of Decebalus. After experiencing the gorges in all their glory, remote Vidin is your next stop. The Baba Vida Fortress – one of Bulgaria’s best preserved – is a must-see here. The following day begins in Ruse. Often referred to as ‘Little Vienna’, this charming city is a picture book of extravagant architecture and elegant squares. The Monument of Liberty and the Danube Bridge are among many ‘must-visit’ sites, while there are several interesting museums too. You’ll then have the chance to tour to Bucharest, though you may prefer to stay on board Brabant as she sails through the floodplains, forests and islands of the Lower Danube. Finally, after seeing the point where the Danube finally meets the Black Sea, a timely stop at St Gheorghe presents you with opportunity to take a small boat trip to the blissful Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve before disembarking.