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Bolette cruising into Trelleborg, Sweden
Bolette cruising into Trelleborg, Sweden

Sweden’s southernmost town, and one of the country’s most charming, Trelleborg combines a wonderful mix of old and new.[ReadMoreMob] Today, the town provides an important link between Sweden and the rest of Europe, with its busy commercial harbour and port, and is known for its art and culture, but it is actually most famous for its rich Viking history.

Trelleborg is home to the impressive Trelleborgen, the only reconstruction of a Viking-age ring castle on Swedish soil. Built on the remains of the town’s original Viking fort, using some of the materials excavated from the site during archaeological digs, Trelleborgen is a fascinating insight into Sweden’s Viking history and a ‘must-visit’ attraction.

Aside from the famous fortress, Trelleborg’s other highlights include its beautiful gardens, palm-lined avenue – the only one of its type in Sweden, and a great variety of shopping, from trendy boutiques to artisan markets, plus a number of insightful and inspirational museums.

Cruises to Trelleborg

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Scenic Waterways & Archipelagos of Sweden • L2322A

Thu 31 Aug 2023
11 nights
  • Experience the best of Sweden via its scenic waterways
  • Cruise west coast fjords and archipelagos 
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