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Moored boats at Tarbert Harbour, Scotland
Moored boats at Tarbert Harbour, Scotland

Renowned for its impressive castle, charming architecture, beautiful still waters and delicious seafood, the idyllic village of Tarbert attracts visitors from around the globe and serves as a gateway to the Scottish whisky islands and the picturesque Kintyre peninsula.

A quaint Scottish village, Tarbert is a joy to explore, with its pretty houses, busy local fisheries and stunning surroundings.[ReadMoreMob] Whether you choose to explore the village or venture out into the rolling hills and rocky cliffs, there are plenty of places to enjoy the captivating beauty and traditional delights of this stunning area of the UK. Make time to visit the ruins of the 14th century castle that overlooks the town or relax on the small, but beautiful shell beach and look across the gorgeous blue water of the yacht-filled natural harbour. 

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