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beautiful sunset over a windmill-shaped lighthouse, Swinoujscie, Poland
beautiful sunset over a windmill-shaped lighthouse, Swinoujscie, Poland

Lesser-known Swinoujscie is not likely to feature on many traveller’s list of ‘places to visit in Europe’, but those who don’t take time to learn about, or simply overlook, this postcard-perfect Polish seaside city do so at their own peril.[ReadMoreMob]

A wonderful mix of resort-like beaches and gorgeous scenery, and cultural, historical and architectural highlights await discovery here, and while the city is a popular escape for local day-trippers and visitors from across the border in Germany, Swinoujscie emanates a laid-back, un-crowded feel, making exploration – and relaxation – a real delight.

You could combine a couple of lazy hours on the beach, time to relax and listen to the waves as you soak up the summer sunshine, with a rewarding wander through the heart of the city. There are plenty of green parks, which provide the perfect place for a stroll, while the highlights to seek-out include the 18th century Christ the King Church, the Museum of Deep Sea Fishing at the former town hall, and the Świnoujście Lighthouse – the tallest lighthouse of its type in the world.

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