Braemar cruising the open sea
Braemar cruising the open sea

Bordered by the Tapajós and Amazon rivers, Santarém is a city of astonishing sights. From the beaches that run alongside Av Tapajós, the two rivers flow side-by-side without mixing, creating two distinct bands of different coloured water. The famous ‘Meeting of the Waters’ is one of Brazil’s greatest natural attractions.

The centre of Santarém is home to the Mercado Modelo – city market – and is filled with stores and boutiques selling traditional produce. The whole area is steeped in history, from ancient petroglyphs in nearby Monte Alegre to the volatile Amazonian rubber trade. One museum, the unique Museu Dica Frazao, exhibits day-to-day items made from other natural sources like grasses and trees from the surrounding Amazonian plains.

On the riverfront, the Centro Cultural João Fona has relics from the ancient indigenous Tapajós culture. The city also boasts a charming promenade, breezy parks and several fine restaurants.

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