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Sabang, Indonesia
Sabang, Indonesia

Although it has been a popular destination for in-the-know divers and hikers for decades, remote Weh Island – also known locally as Pulau Weh – has managed to stay off Indonesia’s well-trodden beaten track. The island, much of which is part of a National Wildlife Protection Area, is beautifully unspoilt and boasts gorgeous beaches, dense jungle interiors and coral reefs that beg for exploration.

Weh’s scuba diving and snorkelling spots are among the very best in Southeast Asia. The island’s underwater canyons and rugged rocks are sanctuary’s for a diverse array of marine flora and fauna, such as lionfish and clown fish, thorny seahorse, hawksbill turtle, Kuhl’s stingray and whale sharks to name just a few.[ReadMoreMob] Wonderful wildlife awaits discovery within the depths of the island’s lush volcanic landscapes too, including wild monkeys, lizards, boar and colourful butterflies. [ReadMore]

Sabang, Weh’s capital, is a delight in itself, fronted by breathtaking, wind-swept white sands and surrounded by the rich rainforest of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. No time here is complete without venturing into Sabang to sample the local traditions and culture; visit the Monument of Kilometre Zero of Indonesia, Indonesia’s westernmost point; and to take in historic sites such as the Japanese Fortress.

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