Port Royal

View of Fort Charles Fortress in Port Royal , Jamaica
View of Fort Charles Fortress in Port Royal , Jamaica

Once the largest city in the Caribbean, until an earthquake struck in 1692 and submerged more than half the city, Port Royal today is a historically important settlement in Jamaica, which opened in early 2020 to cruise ships for the first time.[ReadMoreMob] Located at the end of an 18-mile long sand spit close to Kingston, Port Royal has a colourful history and was known for being a pirate hub in the Caribbean during the 17th century, earning it the nickname of ‘the wickedest city in the west’.

Today, the small town has some interesting historical sites, including Fort Charles, which was built in the 1600s and houses a small museum. In addition, the portion of the city that sank has been recognised as an important archaeological site. Jamaica’s capital, Kingston, was founded after the 1692 earthquake, and is around 16 miles from Port Royal. The vibrant city is known for being the birthplace of Bob Marley, who grew up in Trench Town, as well as the beautiful Devon House, a landmark of the city which serves some truly delicious ice cream.

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