Port Chalmers Cruises

View of Port Chalmers, the suburb of Dunedin city
View of Port Chalmers, the suburb of Dunedin city

One of the best-preserved Victorian and Edwardian cities in the southern hemisphere, Dunedin has such a British feel that it is affectionately known as the ‘Edinburgh of New Zealand’.[ReadMoreMob] The city’s charm is in its enchanting beauty – it is surrounded by dramatic hills and situated at a picturesque harbour – and in it’s rich history and culture.

As Dunedin is relatively small, and easy to explore, it doesn’t take much to become fully immersed in the delights of this place; highlights and attractions appear at every turn it seems, from gothic churches and ornate grand mansions to streets overflowing with art, shopping and culinary treats and sleepy, elegant parks. Amongst the beautiful outskirts of the city, the surrounding hinterlands and their white sand beaches, hidden coves, dramatic cliffs and sweeping plateaus await discovery too.

With your smaller ship docking at nearby Port Chalmers, gateway to Dunedin, all this and more is yours to discover and explore.

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