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Landscape in Norway from Hoven/Loen/Nordfjordeid
landscape in Norway from Hoven/Loen/Nordfjordeid

Spreading out across flat, lush-green landscapes and creeping up the side of forested hills, the town of Nordfjordeid presents a postcard-perfect view at the very end of Eidsfjorden, an arm of the magnificent Nordfjord.[ReadMoreMob]

Small, but steeped in history and local, time-honoured traditions and cultures, Nordfjordeid is as appealing and memorable to explore as it is to see from the decks of your smaller-sized ship, with its delightful old town, pretty parks and gorgeous coastline. The main attraction is Norway’s largest known Viking ship, Myklebustskipet, which is believed to date back to the 800s.

And, thanks to its location in the heart of the fjordland, Nordfjordeid makes for the perfect starting point for discovering some of the region’s greatest, and most famous, natural wonders and attractions; the spectacular Briksdal and Kjenndal glaciers, incredible Loen Skylift and Hornindal Lake are just some of the highlights within reach on excursions and adventure tours.

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