Mariehamn Cruises

Western Harbour embankment with maypole and moored four-masted sailing vessel
Western Harbour embankment with maypole and moored four-masted sailing vessel
View of the four masted sailing vessil in Mariehamn

The port of Mariehamn is situated in the heart of the Baltic Sea, halfway between Finland and Sweden. It is the capital of the Åland Islands, a breathtaking amalgam of nearly 7000 islands boasting a unique archipelago culture, maritime heritage and natural beauty.

Åland is an autonomous Swedish-speaking, demilitarized region. Its capital was founded in 1861 by Tzar Alexander II at a time when Åland and Finland were a part of the Russian Empire. Mariehamn is named after Tzar Alexander’s wife, Maria Alexandrovna.[ReadMoreMob]

Also known as The Town of a Thousand Linden Trees, Mariehamn is a small town with a big personality. The easily navigable town centre provides a rich variety of shopping experiences, restaurants and cultural landmarks. These days, music festivals and cultural fairs pack the city calendar, and locals enjoy staying out all night to soak up the midnight sun.

Cruises to Mariehamn

Royal palace, Stockholm, Sweden Royal palace, Stockholm, Sweden The Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden

Islands, Cities & Archipelagos of Scandinavia • M2319

Fri 11 Aug 2023
14 nights
  • Appreciate the beauty and diversity of Scandinavia’s cities and waterways
  • Sail through the Stockholm Archipelago, and explore canals in Stockholm and Copenhagen
  • See the Olsen family home in Oslofjord and take in the sights of Norway’s capital
Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden Gamla stan region, Stockholm, Sweden

Baltic Cities Brought Closer • M2324

Mon 25 Sep 2023
13 nights
  • Braemar takes you to the heart of cities for an in-depth Northern Europe discovery
  • Discover the highlights of Oslo, Copenhagen, Tallinn and Warnemunde
  • Experience fascinating Finnish heritage and culture to the full