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City hall and statue of Michel Samora in Maputo, Mozambique
City hall and statue of Michel Samora in Maputo, Mozambique
Children playing football on the beach of Maputo, Mozambique

Maputo, capital of Mozambique, is an Indian Ocean port with a rich Portuguese heritage and colonial architecture to match. Its smart waterside setting and wide avenues lined with jacaranda and flame trees, makes Maputo one of Africa's most attractive capitals.

Many turn-of-the-century buildings are in the downtown Baixa neighbourhood. The beautiful architecture mixes up charming villas with an impressive modern skyline. Landmarks include the imposing bronze-domed CFM Railway Station, completed in 1916, which is well worth visiting, as is the expansive and colourful Municipal Market. This is a great spot to sample a taste of local life, and maybe a cashew nut or two, which are all over Maputo in every imaginable form.

This beachfront city has an upbeat African vibe, with a wide selection of cool hotels and restaurants, well-stocked supermarkets, shady cafes and a lively cultural scene and nightlife.

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