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Terrazza Mascagni, Livorno, Tuscany
Terrazza Mascagni, Livorno, Tuscany

Livorno is a quintessential Italian port city on the west coast of Tuscany, known for its seafood, Renaissance-era fortifications and modern harbour. It is also the gateway to many of Italy’s ancient treasures. Tuscany’s second largest city and the central Terrazza Mascagni, a waterside promenade with checked paving, is the city's main spot for booth locals and visitors to converge.

The bastions of the 16th-century Fortezza Vecchia face the harbour and open onto Livorno's canal-laced Venezia Nuova quarter. This shabby, historic district is full of character and its elegant belle époque buildings point to a prosperous past.[ReadMoreMob]

An easy train from this Ligurian port opens up Florence, Pisa and Rome. Pisa has the 11th century Duomo Cathedral and the world-famous Leaning Tower, while the legendary Florence offers a truly stunning Renaissance city of the Medici grand dukes. The peerless art treasures of the Uffizi and a majestic prospect of domes, towers and spires are all framed by the distant Tuscan hills.

Cruises to Livorno

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