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Panoramic view of Luderitz town, Nambia
Panoramic view of Luderitz town, Nambia
Colourful houses in Luderitz, Germany

The coastal town of Lüderitz in south-western Namibia has a deep, colonial German heritage, exhibited by the colourful, traditional buildings that still stand proudly in the town today.  

Nestled between the dusty Namib wilderness and the South Atlantic Coast, Luderitz is a picturesque town surrounded by azure waters filled with seals, penguins and dolphins.[ReadMoreMob] Its colonial buildings include the Art Nouveau Goerke Haus, which was built into the rock face on Diamond Hill, and the nearby hilltop church, Felsenkirche, offers panoramic views of the bay stretching around to Robert Harbour.

The Lüderitz Museum has exhibits on the town’s diamond-mining past as well as local and natural history. A visit to the ghost-town of Kolmanskop is a photographer’s dream, while local rock lobster served in the town's restaurants is a culinary delight to savour. 

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