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St Vincent Indian Bay and Coast, Kingstown
St Vincent Indian Bay and Coast, Kingstown
St Charlotte Fort, St Vincent and Grenade

Kingstown, the capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is famed for its lush Botanical Gardens and aviaries, and is affectionately known by locals as the City of Arches given its intertwining cobbled streets that lead to magnificent churches and historic buildings.

Above the stunning bay, the 1806 Fort Charlotte offers panoramic views of the Windward Islands archipelago. The city centre's fine 19th century architecture includes St. Mary’s Cathedral, while the wharf area is a hub of activity, and home to the local fish market. The town's waterfront has dramatic black sand beaches including the popular Villa Beach.

St. Vincent is an idyllic, unspoilt haven just waiting to be explored. Away from Kingstown, there is an abundance of untouched rainforest, beautiful reefs and crashing waterfalls to explore. Deserted beaches go on for miles, interrupted only by the odd quaint town or dormant volcano.

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