Holmsund Cruises

Sea beacon on stone island, Holmsund, Sweden
Sea beacon on stone island, Holmsund, Sweden

Sweden at its sleepy, scenic best, charming Holmsund is situated on the eastern mouth of the countryside-flanked Ume River and forms – coupled with Obbola, on the western side of the river – part of the picturesque Umeå municipality’s Holmsund-Obbola. Home to just a few thousand people, who rightly delight in living in such a peaceful, largely unspoilt part of the world, Holmsund feels a world away from Sweden’s energetic cities.

As you arrive at Holmsund via the Ume, you take in gorgeous scenes of low-lying forested landscapes, marshland and verdant islands and islets providing postcard-worthy photo opportunities. Then, once ashore, you find a delightful little settlement that’s a delight to explore and seek-out its attractions. To name just a few of the highlights, there’s the town’s 19th century three-nave hall church, as well as a collection of interesting museums.

Cruises to Holmsund

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Summertime in Lapland and Scandinavia • T2318

Sat 01 Jul 2023
14 nights
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