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Early morning view over Nosy Be, Northern Madagascar
Early morning view over Nosy Be, Northern Madagascar
Lemur, endemic to Madagascar

Formerly, and more commonly, known as Hell-Ville, Andoany is the capital of the beautiful Madagascan island of Nosy Be. Andoany is anything but hellish; the name actually derived from Admiral de Hell's former governorship. Warm and welcoming, the city boasts fine colonial architecture, busy markets and a pretty harbour. It’s also a gateway to the island’s stunning rainforests, fascinating wildlife and sun-kissed beaches.

Bordered by mile-upon-mile of glorious golden sands, Andoany is one of the most popular beach resorts in the Indian Ocean.[ReadMoreMob] In the town, fragrant frangipani and bougainvillea appear to prop up the ruins of its old colonial buildings, and the upbeat pavement cafes bustle with tourists. The Société de Rhum Arrangé offers local rum in 20 flavours, and Le Jardin des Sens is a beautiful old house selling locally-produced honey, spices, soaps and skin creams. [ReadMore]

A stroll around the historic city also reveals the Russian Monument, erected in the memory of Russian soldiers that drowned off the coast of Nosy Be in 1904, and the Oceanographic Museum, where the island’s native sea creatures can be viewed up close.

Smothered with dense tropical rainforest, Nosy Be is ideal for watching diverse wildlife in its natural environment. The sprawling Lokobe National Park is home to an abundance of endemic fauna and flora, and is an unmissable gem. The unmistakable calls of Grey-backed and Mouse Lemurs echo through the tree canopies, chameleons merge seamlessly into the unspoilt environment, and boa constrictors snake along the leafy forest floor.

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