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Panorama of Heimaey island, Iceland
Panorama of Heimaey island, Iceland

While Heimaey is the largest island of Iceland's Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, and the only island that is inhabited, it is – due to its location and rugged shores – difficult for visitors to reach. However, thanks to the smaller size of our ships, we can take you to discover the delights of this volcanic gem, from its small towns and villages to its coastal cliffs that provide the perfect natural habitat for huge colonies of Atlantic Puffins. 

Heimaey's native, nesting seabirds alone make the journey to the island worthwhile, particularly in the summer, when it is home to more of the aforementioned puffins than anywhere else in the world. Explore the craggy lands or head to the coast, and you're bound to see the birds in large numbers, going about their business in their own charming way. There's a chance you'll spot a few 'strays' wandering about the town, too.

Cruises to Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar

Church in Nanortalik in Greenland Church in Nanortalik in Greenland Church in Nanortalik in Greenland

Exploring Rugged & Remote Greenland & Iceland • S2315

Fri 04 Aug 2023
14 nights
  • Experience rugged Iceland and Greenland
  • Enjoy scenic cruising of Prins Christiansund
  • In Iceland, discover the wonders of the Golden Circle