Hammerfest Cruises

View of Hammerfest, norway
View of Hammerfest, norway

Laying claim to being the world’s most northerly ‘town’, Hammerfest in Norway is also one of the country’s oldest, but has undergone extensive modernisation, resulting in a colourful town on the island of Kvaløya.[ReadMoreMob] Thanks to its location within the Arctic Circle, Hammerfest experiences the ‘midnight sun’ phenomenon between May and July, during which the sun never sinks below the horizon. These long days throughout summer provide the perfect opportunity to explore the region’s rugged landscape, with hiking and fishing popular activities to enjoy.

The town itself has some interesting sights, including The Museum of Reconstruction for Finnmark and Northern Troms, which details the town’s colourful history, and The Polar Bear Society, which, in addition to housing stuffed polar bears, provides information on the town’s early life. Hammerfest is also home to one of 10 monuments that form the Struve Geodetic Arc, a chain of markers that stretch from Norway down to the Black Sea. These UNESCO-recognised monuments helped astronomers Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve to work out the size and shape of the planet.

Cruises to Hammerfest

Bird's eye view of the Svolvaer town. Bird's eye view of the Svolvaer town. Bird's eye view of the Svolvaer town.

Exploring the Arctic with the Midnight Sun • T2121

Sat 14 Aug 2021
28 nights
  • A rare opportunity to see the Midnight Sun in Norway
  • Be mesmerised by small ship scenic cruising
  • Make memories ashore, with chances to explore the Qooroq Ice Fjord
Northern lights over Alta, Norway Northern lights over Alta, Norway Northern lights in Alta, Norway

In Search of the Aurora Borealis • S2126

Tue 16 Nov 2021
16 nights
  • Revel in the early winter wonders of Northern Norway
  • Arctic Norway is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights
  • Enjoy an overnight stay in attraction-packed Tromso