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Old town on the river Motlawa, Gdansk, Poland
Old town on the river Motlawa, Gdansk, Poland

Considered the country's maritime capital, boasting one of the largest ports in the Baltic and over a thousand years of seafaring traditions and heritage, Gdansk is amongst Poland's most important and dynamic cities.

the busyness of its bustling port though, Gdansk is far more laidback than it may seem on the surface. A delight to explore, the city features an abundance of attractions, discovered in and around scenes of charming historic streets, riverside walkways and impressive boulevards begging to showcase their highlights. 

Gdansk's Latin-penned moto is nec temere, nec timide, or 'neither rashly, nor timidly' in English, and visitors are always encouraged to bear this in mind during their time in the city. The best way to see and appreciate it all is on foot, slow-strolling the pavements and alleys to seek out the many gems at leisure. The 'main town' is at the top of the list of the 'must-visit' areas to discover; here you'll find streets and squares that appear to be taken straight from a fairytale, as well as many museums and monuments, and fine examples of various architectural styles. 

Cruises to Gdansk

Melbork Castle, Poland Melbork Castle, Poland Melbork Castle, Gdansk, Poland

Revisiting Prussia • M2223

 Rosyth (Edinburgh)
Fri 19 Aug 2022
10 nights
  • Experience an immersive delve into centuries of Prussia’s history
  • See Kaliningrad’s surviving city gates
  • In Germany, tour from Travemunde to take in the imposing gates
  • NB: This cruise will be sailing on board Balmoral
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