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Colourful Tagine plates, Morocco
Colourful Tagine plates, Morocco

A place so warm, beautiful and idyllic that even the King of Morocco considers it the perfect retreat for his summer holidays, M’Diq is a little slice of paradise on the gorgeous Moroccan coast.[ReadMoreMob] The width of the town is fronted by a glorious, unbroken stretch of sandy beach lapped by the warm, azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and is M’Diq’s main draw for many, who simply visit for soothing sunshine and some time away from it all.

However, this relaxation haven is the perfect base for uncovering a taste of authentic Moroccan culture too; magnificent Tetouan, with its UNESCO-listed Medina, bustling souks and architecture and attractions exhibiting Morocco’s historic links to Spain’s Andalusia region, is just a 20-minute journey away.

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