Cruising Reyðarfjörður

Braemar cruising the open sea
Braemar cruising the open sea

Reyðarfjörður, the longest and widest of Iceland's beautiful Eastern Fjords region, is framed by rugged, often snow-covered landscapes dominated by spectacular mountain peaks and dramatic sheer cliffs. 

Gliding slowly along the glassy waters here presents an opportunity to take in breathtaking scenery you may recognise from TV - Reyðarfjörður itself and the tiny remote town of Reyðarfjörður, situated at the end of the fjord, were the main filming locations in the acclaimed Fortitude series.

Majestic Grænafell Mountain, a popular spot for hikers and climbers, is a sight to behold as your ship approaches Reyðarfjörður town.

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