Cruising Lustrafjord

Lustrafjord, Norway
Lustrafjord, Norway

The Lustrafjord – an arm of the stunning Sognefjord – boasts incredible natural beauty and spectacular landscapes and as you cruise through the glorious glaciers, magnificent mountains and charming villages that line the wonderful, often bright green waters, you’ll see why the fjord has inspired the work of many great Norwegian artists over the years. 

Home to some of Norway’s most famous landmarks, there will be plenty of fantastic photo opportunities on a scenic cruise through Lustrafjord. Be sure to keep an eye out for the UNESCO-listed Urnes Stave Church – the oldest stave church in Norway – and the magnificent 218 metre high Feigumfossen Waterfall, one of the country’s highest falls.

Cruises to Cruising Lustrafjord

Trollstigen or Trolls Path, Norway Trollstigen or Trolls Path, Norway Trollstigen or Trolls Path, Norway

Norway's Mountains & Scenic Fjords • L2220

Sat 23 Jul 2022
7 nights
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  • Uncover Norwegian folklore in Jotunheimen from Skjolden
  • Ride the Rauma Railway through fjordland scenery
Atlantic road, Norway Atlantic road, Norway Atlantic road, Norway

Hidden Gems of the Norwegian Fjords • M2220

 Rosyth (Edinburgh)
Sat 09 Jul 2022
7 nights
  • Discover the fjordland's hidden gems
  • Visit the 'home of the giants' and 'Troll Wall'
  • See natural wonders ashore and on Braemar