Cruising Gáshólmur,Tindhólmur & Drangarnir

Drangarnir rock, Faroe Islands
Drangarnir rock, Faroe Islands

The Faroese islets of Gáshólmur and Tindhólmur are collections of rugged islands and intriguing rock formations, providing unforgettable views at every turn.[ReadMoreMob]

Scenic cruise explorations of each on Fred. Olsen’s smaller ships is a memorable way to marvel at the diversity of the natural wonders on display; as you sail the glassy waters, be on the look-out the iconic Drangarnir ‘rock with the hole’, one of the Faroe Islands’ most famous and photographed landmarks.

Cruises to Cruising Gáshólmur,Tindhólmur & Drangarnir

Hvítserkur in summer, Iceland. Hvítserkur in summer, Iceland. Hvítserkur in summer, Iceland.

Dramatic Coastlines of Iceland & The Faroes • S2224

Mon 05 Sep 2022
11 nights
  • Scenic cruise Iceland’s Western Fjords
  • Visit the magnificent Strokkir geyser
  • Search for whales with ORCA conservationists