Cruising by Vestmanna Cliffs

Vestmanna Cliffs, Faroe Islands
Vestmanna Cliffs, Faroe Islands

The imposing Vestmanna Cliffs, or Vestmannabjørgini as they're known locally, are one of the Faroe Island's most famous, and most sought-after, sights. 

As you sail the waters along the west coast of Streymoy Island, and the cliffs come into view, you can't help but gaze in wonder at the nature-formed jagged peaks and sheer-drop cliff faces of these grass-smothered rock formations. 

During the summer months, look to the edges of the cliffs - you're sure to spot any number of bird colonies of varying species, such as puffins, guillemots, fulmars and kittewakes.

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Hvítserkur in summer, Iceland. Hvítserkur in summer, Iceland. Hvítserkur in summer, Iceland.

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Mon 05 Sep 2022
11 nights
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