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Tiaracht island with lighthouse, Ireland
Tiaracht island with lighthouse, Ireland

At the westernmost point of Ireland’s Blasket archipelago lies the imposing island of Tiaracht, a craggy, uninhabited rock formation steeped in mystery.[ReadMoreMob] Tearaght is very rarely visited – the only people who land here by helicopter are engineers tasked with keeping the lighthouse operating – and in fact, the island is seldom seen by anyone either.

Therefore, a scenic cruise past this saddle-shaped wonder is a unique opportunity to see it in all its dramatic glory. And, while Tearaght is uninhabitable for humans, it provides the perfect habitat for various seabird species, which nest, live and colonise here; be on the look-out for puffins, storm petrals and much more through your binoculars or camera lens as you sail by.

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