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Kvarken Archipelago, Finland
Kvarken Archipelago, Finland

On a diversion into the beautiful Gulf of Bothnia on your Fred. Olsen cruise ship, you get to witness the spectacular scenery of Kvarken. This pinching section of the gulf is the narrowest point between Sweden and Finland and famed for its rugged shorelines, islands and islets, as well as its dramatic rate of expansion and uplift rates, caused by the effects of glacial retreat.

The Finnish side of Kvarken is, without doubt, its crowning glory. UNESCO-listed as an outstanding example of isostatic uplift, how glacial retreat forms our landscapes, and for its archipelago of islands and unusual ridged moraines, it is a sight to behold. Look to the Swedish side of the gulf and you’ll see the steeper, more imposing lands of the High Coast, providing a fascinating contrast to the lower-lying Kvarken Archipelago.

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