Sant'Angelo bridge and San Prietro, Rome
Sant'Angelo bridge and San Pietro (Saint Peter basilica)
Famous Collosseum in Rome

Civitavecchia is the coastal port to the northwest of Rome, and gateway to the Eternal City. This 2nd century port retains many features from its long history, including the Roman Dock and the 16th-century Michelangelo Fort. The National Archaeological Museum exhibits many ancient artefacts, and many visitors discover Terme Taurine, the ruins of a Roman thermal bath.

Principally however, the port is the main access point for Italy’s capital.[ReadMoreMob] From the Colosseum and Forum of Ancient Rome to the city's great masterpieces of Renaissance and Baroque art and architecture, the emblems of past grandeur and wealth provide a grandiose backdrop for the elegant designer boutiques, pavement cafes, inviting trattoria and countless sophisticated pleasures of today's vibrant capital.