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Long Beach on Ascension Island
Long Beach on Ascension Island

Ascension is a beautiful, isolated volcanic island situated in the equatorial waters of the South Atlantic Ocean. Georgetown is the capital and gateway to discovering the island’s dramatic peaks, including the magnificent Green Mountain; picturesque bays; and gorgeous sandy beaches. 

The island’s capital – named after King George III when Ascension was claimed and garrisoned by Britain in 1815 – might be a small settlement, but there are still a few interesting sites to discover including the Old Barracks;[ReadMoreMob] the historic Hayes and Thornton Forts; and an Anglican church – found in the heart of Georgetown. There’s even a Royal Mail Post Office.

The real attraction of Ascension however is its natural beauty; and Georgetown is the gateway to discovering the island’s most spectacular sights. Green Mountain National Park – home to island’s 859 metre-high tallest peak – is a unmissable wonderland of rolling, lush-green volcanic valleys and arid landscapes smothered with ash; while there are beautiful bays, natural lava caves and stunning active fumaroles to uncover if you're lucky enough to go ashore too.

Hikes and treks are the best way to take in Ascension’s natural wonders; you might even see colonies of Sooty Terns as you explore. If you’d prefer to relax and enjoy the tropical climate, take you pick of the gorgeous golden sand beaches – Long Beach is one of the island’s best and within walking distance of Georgetown.

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