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Visiting the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain
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Spain's cosmopolitan second city, Barcelona, is awash with heritage and its mood is infused with a vibrant Catalan spirit. There's something around every corner of the city: jewels of Catalan and contemporary architecture, relaxing parks and beaches, mouth-watering markets and treasures from its Roman and Medieval past.

Barcelona's 2000-year-old city walls, temple columns and subterranean stone corridors provide a glimpse back to the time of the Romans, while the shady plazas and lanes of the Gothic quarter, and Barcelona’s Old Town district, the Ciutat Vella, reveal the origins of its medieval culture.[ReadMoreMob]

The city is famous for an incredible array of UNESCO-listed buildings from world-renowned architect Antoni Gaudi. His sculptural masterpieces of Modernisme are dotted across the city. La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona’s Gaudi-designed Roman Catholic Church – is the most famous [ReadMoreDesk] landmark. With its astonishing details and stunning facades, this unique work of art is one of Europe’s most visited sites.

Barcelona has inspired many artists, including Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso, whose works feature in numerous museums and galleries. Away from the city centre, sun-drenched, Iberian beaches are the perfect place to walk, bike ride, take a refreshing dip, or merely relax and enjoy the gorgeous Mediterranean coastline.

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