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View of Almeria old town and port from the castle (Alcazaba of Almeria), Spain
View of Almeria old town and port from the castle (Alcazaba of Almeria), Spain
Abandoned western film location in Almeria, Spain

The Andalusian port of Almeria is a city with a great deal of charm, and one steeped in history. Once one of the Islamic Cordoba Caliphate’s major ports, the cityscape is dominated by the ancient Moorish fortress of Alcazaba – from where breath-taking views of the port and city centre are enjoyed – and the 16th century, renaissance-style fortified Cathedral.  [ReadMoreMob]

Heavily bombarded during the Spanish Civil War, Almeria is now a polished, friendly and energetic destination of cultural attractions, and boasts a tapas-bar scene of growing reputation. The revived old centre offers several museums that contain historic artefacts from Prehistoric, Iberic, Roman and Greek times.

Away from the centre, dark, sandy beaches and rocky coves are the perfect spots to soak up Almeria’s warm, soothing climate while the surrounding deserts, where many spaghetti westerns were filmed (and Lawrence of Arabia), are a lure for film-lovers. The Tabernas Natural Area with its old film sets, complete with saloons and ranches, is a must see.