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Cityscape of Aarhus in Denmark
Cityscape of Aarhus in Denmark

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In the past years, there has been no end to the international praise of Aarhus. Denmark’s second largest city has been recognized as a must visit destination by several powerhouse publications such as Vogue, Lonely Planet, CNN, National Geographic and Momondo.

In Aarhus you are met by a vibrant, easy-going and dynamic atmosphere. Home to just over 350,000 people and with a vibrant student population, Aarhus may be old at heart, but it is definitely young in spirit. Within walking distance, you will find world-class attractions and museums, an innovative and diverse gastronomic scene, charming shopping districts and with a location right by the sea, beaches and woods, nature is truly at your doorstep.

The fascinating mix of world-class museums, small art galleries, music festivals and events for everyone makes Aarhus the perfect place to get your cultural fix. The city’s museums are no less than world-class, and whether you are into innovative portraying of past times at Moesgaard Museum, the 70’s nostalgia in The Old Town Museum, high-speed rides and concerts in Tivoli Friheden or a visit to the iconic Your rainbow panorama at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Aarhus caters to every taste.

With its big events, internationally acclaimed festivals and great performances, there is always something going on in Aarhus. In the narrow, cobbled stoned streets of the historical Latin Quarter you will find a cosy ‘hygge’ atmosphere, and the mix of boutique shops, designer stores and artware shops gives the perfect and most charming setting for shopping. 

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