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Old Town of Ribe, Denmark
Old Town of Ribe, Denmark

The Danish municipality of Aabenraa is beautifully situated at the bottom of the Aabenraa fjord, surrounded by natural woodland.  

The borderland to the south offers dazzling scenery along the Flensburg Fjord with a view over the Ox Islands and the nearby Flensburg. [ReadMoreMob]Aabenraa literally means open beach, and its white-sandy beaches and calm waters are perfect for sailing and kayaking adventures. Many buildings and monuments in this charming historic settlement date back to the 13th century, and notable examples of historic architecture include St. Nikolai Church (dedicated to the Saint of Seafaring) and Queen Margaret’s Brundlund Castle.

The port, and its wonderfully preserved neighbourhoods, is only accessible to smaller-sized cruise ships, and is a renowned bathing resort.

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