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Humpback whale, Iceland
Humpback whale, Iceland

The UK Government’s announcement of green travel countries has got us dreaming of all the destinations we’d love to visit once our smaller ships are back in the water. If, like us, you're looking forward to being welcomed to explore ashore in exciting destinations, the itineraries detailed below offer an excellent choice.  The requirements for travel to different countries are changing all the time, we have summarised the current Iceland requirements to find out more please click here

Natural Wonders of Iceland • T2209
04 May 2022
11 nights
Strokkur geysir eruption, Golden Circle, Iceland

The wonders and wildlife of a land bursting with natural treasures awaits on this Icelandic adventure. Visit geysers, waterfalls & hot springs or go in search of wildlife, from Puffins & Guillemots to Humpback Whales.

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    Whales, Waterfalls & Geysers of Iceland • M2224
    Rosyth (Edinburgh)
    03 Aug 2022
    9 nights
    Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland

    You’re in for an unforgettable adventure, as you go in search of Iceland's wonders & wildlife. From Reykjavik you can tour to see the mighty Gulfoss Waterfall or Strokkir Geysir. Or go in search of Whales from Akureyri.

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