What's the weather like in the Norwegian Fjords?

The ideal time to visit the stunning Norwegian Fjords is during the summer months, when temperatures can easily reach a pleasant 25 degrees. However, the climate in this part of Norway can change very quickly, so we would recommend packing your suitcase with light layers of clothing, as well as a waterproof jacket.

Other suggested additions to your suitcase would be a hat and gloves, sensible walking shoes if you plan on venturing further ashore, and sunglasses to avoid squinting when admiring the mountains and waterfalls around you. 

Visiting the Norwegian Fjords in the summer months also affords guests the opportunity to experience the Midnight Sun, with almost 24hrs of daylight - a most surreal, yet exhilarating, phenomenon.

Of course, the weather in Norway is subject to change, so please do check the forecast for your cruise before you depart.

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