Can I book consecutive (back to back) cruises?

Our testing and compulsory vaccination requirements are an important part of our multi-layered approach to ensuring the safety, protection and peace of mind of our guests. 

Additionally, the benefits of these requirements mean we are now able to offer guests 'back to back', or consecutive, cruises. Please be advised that guests on consecutive sailings including an international cruise (to destinations outside of the UK) are required to complete further testing during their holiday, as detailed below.

Back-to-back/Consecutive cruise guests - Day Two PCR Testing

If you are booked on consecutive sailings including an international cruise, you will need to order - and take - two Day Two PCR tests, as a requirement for re-entering the UK twice. 

First Cruise Day Two PCR Test

You will need to take a test kit with you on the first of your back-to-back cruises, as you will be required to take a test on the day you arrive back in the UK whilst on board.

When ordering your testing kits, you will need to state on your order an arrival date that is earlier than the day you depart for your first cruise, to ensure your kits are delivered in time. We are unable to supply kits on board, so please remember to order and bring kits with you.

Once on board, you will be instructed to take your PCR test and place it inside the package to be sent to the lab. Please pass the package to Guest Services on board and the team will arrange to post it before the ship departs for the second of your back-to-back cruises. 

Second Cruise Day Two PCR Test

You will need to a Day Two PCR test kit for your second cruise before you leave for your first cruise. When ordering, state the date you arrive back into the UK from your second cruise - the kit will then be delivered to your home ready for your return from your second cruise. 

Please note: If you are booked on more than two cruises back-to-back, you will need to follow the first cruise testing procedure for all cruises other than your final cruise.

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