Are you still conducting testing at the port?

We no longer carry out pre-departure Covid-19 testing at part of the check-in process. All guests will be required to take their own Lateral Flow Test at home within 24 hours of the departure date of the cruise and bring the proof of a negative test result to show at check-in.

Accepted proof is the test cassette showing a negative test result or an email, letter or text confirmation from the test kit provider confirming a negative test result.

Lateral Flow Test kits are readily available at most high street chemists and online. You can also order a Lateral Flow Test via our test kit partner Bupa at and record your result at

We are pleased to advise that for all future cruises* departing from 1st March 2023, our guests will no longer be required to show proof of Covid-19 vaccinations or a negative lateral flow test prior to departure.

*Those guests sailing on Grand Voyages, World Cruises or shorter sectors of these longer sailings will still be required to provide this information, as there are still many destinations in parts of the world that have some requirements in place, or may re-implement them if cases rise.

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