How will any on board procedures impact on the dining during my cruise?

All guests are allocated tables in our main dining rooms as usual, with each table to include up to a maximum of six guests. This will become your ‘social bubble’.

If you are travelling as a group, we will do our best to accommodate you within one ‘social bubble’, as long as your group is of six people or less.

If you are travelling on your own, you will be allocated a ‘social bubble’ of up to six people, for the duration of your cruise.

You will be able to enjoy all of your meals and socialising with any or all of those within your bubble, whether that be in fixed evening dining in our main restaurants, in our buffet restaurants or during breakfast and lunch. Your bubble will also be your companions in our lounges and entertainment venues.

You do not have to dine as your full social bubble for all meals, as long as you are not dining with anyone outside of your bubble. We ask you to please maintain a safe distance from anyone outside of your social bubble.

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