European City Break

Departed 16th Mar 2022 8 nights Sails from Southampton Bolette T2204B
The Inner Alster Lake, with views of Hamburg city hall, Germany The Inner Alster Lake, with views of Hamburg city hall, Germany

Visits to three diverse European cities presents opportunities for memorable springtime sightseeing, both indoors and out. Firstly, you’ll sail to the Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam, where you’ve plenty of time for exploration ashore here; perhaps take a boat tour of the city’s iconic canals, taking in views of the fine architecture on display, join the locals at the early morning flower market, and tick famous sites such as Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum off your must-visit list.[ReadMore]

In Germany, after a sail along the River Elbe, Bolette will call at Hamburg. You’ve an overnight stay here, allowing ample time for exploration – take the city in at your leisure, explore the canals, discover the lakes and see the bridges, see historic landmarks and monuments including the Rathaus and St. Nikolai Steeple, and visit attractions such as the Miniatur Wunderland museum. 

Finally, in Belgium, there’s a visit to Antwerp. Bolette will be the only cruise ship in port during your time here, so you’re in for a less-crowded, even more rewarding experience; use your time wisely to taste authentic Belgian chocolate and beer, learn about Antwerp’s diamonds with a local expert, and much more.