UK Scenic Isles with Cowes Week

Departed 29th Jul 2021 8 nights Sails from Liverpool Borealis S2117
Durdle Door at the beach on the Jurassic Coast of Dorset, UK Durdle Door at the beach on the Jurassic Coast of Dorset, UK

Experience beauty and diversity of Britain as Borealis takes you on a journey to discover scenic highlights and iconic sights at both ends of the country. In the north, you’re in for a memorable day of cruising amongst Scottish islands and waterways, relaxing on board your smaller ship as beautiful coastal scenes and natural wonders come into view. You’ll see the remarkable basalt columns of Fingal’s Cave and the unique island of Dutchman’s Cap, and witness the beauty of the Small Isles and the rugged, wild countryside that flanks the Sound of Mull, where Duart Castle stands proudly too.

Along England’s south coast, you'll not only get to see the scenery of the Isles of Scilly and England's south coast from on board your smaller ship, but also get to take you exploration ashore – on organised tours – at St Mary’s, the maritime city of Portsmouth and Portland, situated at the most southerly point of Dorset’s dramatic Jurassic Coast. Across the Solent from Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight awaits you too; during a specially-timed stop at Cowes, feel part of fun and festivity of Cowes Week – the world's oldest and largest sailing regatta – from the comfort of Borealis as smaller boats sail around the harbour, within easy viewing distance from your ship’s location.  

Your Itinerary

  • Experience the beauty of rugged Scottish isles & waterways
  • Explore ashore at the Isles of Scilly, Portsmouth & Portland
  • Feel part of the Cowes Week regatta from on board Borealis
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