The Fjords of Greenland

Departed 17th Aug 2018 15 nights Sails from Liverpool Black Watch W1818
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Let Black Watch be your guide to exploring the remote, yet breathtaking regions of Greenland. Simply stunning fjords and waterways, astonishing natural wonders and fascinating settlements all await discovery in this elusive country; and there’s no better way to take in the best of them than on this unforgettable cruise.

Before discovering the delights of Greenland your incredible itinerary begins in Iceland. After spending two relaxing days at sea you’ll stop overnight in Reykjavik, the capital and your gateway to the world-famous wonders of the Golden Circle. See the Gullfoss Waterfall, Strokkur Geysir and more; or perhaps visit the glorious Blue Lagoon Spa before sailing on to Ísafjörður for tours to the unspoilt Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. A day of magical scenic cruising will provide the perfect start to your time in Greenland, bringing some of the country’s greatest sights closer to you. Soaring mountains, glistening glaciers, imposing icebergs and tumbling waterfalls will come into view in Prins Christiansund; and within Torssukátak huge cliff formations will await your admiration. Traversing these simply awe-inspiring waterways will create memories which will last forever. [ReadMore]

Stopping at Qaqortoq will offer you your first chance to step foot on Greenlandic shores. Choose to take in some of Greenland’s most spectacular Arctic landscapes on an accompanied hike at the Great Lake; or perhaps experience Kaffe-Mik and enjoy traditional coffee, tea and cake with the town’s friendly locals. From Narsarsuaq you can join a boat tour to the Qooroq Ice Fjord and marvel at the beautiful blue icebergs, which break away from the magnificent Qooroq Glacier. Alternatively, venture up Signal Hill and enjoy stunning views of the Tunugdlliarfik Fjord. Then in Nanortalik – Greenland’s most southerly town – you’ll discover steep mountains, gorgeous fjords and pretty woodlands. A visit to the Open Air Museum, which showcases traditional clothing, kayaks and much more, is a must to learn about the local way of life. Finally, delight in the majestic scenery of the Tasermiut Fjord as you depart Greenland before sailing back to Liverpool, stopping off in Northern Ireland for a day in Belfast en route.